Another Day by David Leviathan

Another Day is Rhiannon’s, from Every Day, side of the story.  I think it qualifies as a companion or even a stand-alone, as it could be read without having read Every Day.  I wanted an actual sequel; but after reading this, I was happy to have Rhiannon’s side.  It’s really a strange thing to be told—A changes bodies every day? I’d have thought I was being punk’d, too.  BUT I STILL WANT A SEQUEL!  I’ve categorized this book as a romance, so that it is with Every Day, because it is about love, and I don’t have a magical thinking category.  The questions remain from the first book; what do you love about a person: looks, interests, or the soul inside?  David Leviathan does an excellent job exploring the topic.  If you loved Every Day, you’ll want to read Another Day.  If you haven’t read Every Day, you could start with this one and pick it up later. They can be read in any order. 

Favorite quote:
A says “…I read it a lot, whenever I find it in a library.  Partly because I find new things every time I read it, but also because these books are always there for me. All of them are there for me.  My life changes all the time, but books don’t change. Your reading of them changes—you can bring new things to them each time. But the words are familiar words.  The world is a place you’ve been before, and it welcomes you back.” (loc. 2824)

As a service brat, I can relate to this statement. I wasn’t in a new body every day, like A, but every year I changed schools in the middle of the year. Books were the only friends who ever stayed the same.  Everyone else became interchangeable.  

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